Lenders require title insurance when the purchaser obtains a mortgage; this type of insurance is often called a lender’s title insurance policy to cover the bank’s interest in your property and to safeguard first position as a lien holder on your property.

At the time of closing an owner’s title insurance policy is also issued which protects you as the purchaser at the closing. An owner’s policy is your assurance of protection against economic loss a title defect is ever discovered and a claim filed against your property.

Established in 2007, United American Title Agency has grown into one of the most respected title
agencies in the industry. We assist financial institutions, lenders, attorneys and consumers with a
complete portfolio of residential and commercial title and settlement services. We conduct an
extensive search of public records to verify the seller's right to transfer ownership. The purpose
of this research is to discover claims or defects that limit the owner’s right in transferring the